Early access: soon...

What’s the plan

  • Sandbox gameworld generator
    Mining of ores on small asteroids with fighters and frigates
    Trading items on stations
    Navigation within sectors
    Fighter class spacecrafts
    Frigate class spacecrafts
    AI for fighters/frigates and other small vessels
    Cargobay for spacecrafts and stations
    Trading goods
    Weapons for spacecrafts
    Support items for spacecrafts
    Save and Load game progress
    Static tutorial
    Homeworld sector
    Energy management on ships for weapons support items and other devices
    Damage model and calculations on spacecrafts
    Sound and Music
    Factions and standing
    Pirates and marauders roaming around
    Visualize cash flow on player account
    Traveling across sectors using Warpgates
  • Uniform UI layout and design
    Environment within sector overview
    Environment in battle areas
    Transporter class spacecrafts
    Destroyer class spacecrafts
    AI for bigger ships like transporters and destroyers
    Transport missions
    Bounty hunter missions
    Lost and found missions
    Independent traders across sectors that interact with stations
    Traveling across clusters using Lagrange fields