The universe is full of secrets, time to reveal them

Once upon a time, the galaxy was inhabited by a powerful civilization that called itself Kh´san. To this day, it is not known where its homeworld lies or where it disappeared to thousands of years ago. Their technology was so highly developed that they could travel the entire galaxy through subspace. Some of these subspace nodes have survived to this day. For a long time, attempts have been made to reactivate them, and we were not the only ones there. In the last centuries, a new network of jumpgates was created which connected countless worlds and races with each other. Unfortunately, most of the subspace nodes proved to be too unstable and their exploration cost hundreds of thousands of their lives. Even if the network has not grown in the last decades, many systems are still largely unexplored. The discovery of rare raw materials and artifacts in recent years has led to a veritable onslaught of mining corporations, researchers and pirates.